How To Find a Divorce Lawyer

divorce law

When searching for a good divorce lawyer, there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration. Because choosing the right divorce lawyer is critical to the outcome of your case, as well as the time and money invested, don’t skimp on your responsibility of doing a little research.

Where To Start?

Where to start? You can start by visiting your local courthouse to review some of the lawyers ‘in action’ to garner a first-hand perspective. You can also visit your local library to check out “Martindale-Hubbell”, a collection of lawyers by state and specialties. This will inform you on which lawyers specialize in matrimonial or family law.

When researching the local divorce lawyers in your area, take a look at the following:

Does your lawyer practice family law or matrimonial law?

A lawyer who does not practice family law or matrimonial law is not as familiar with the in’s and out’s of divorce and will not be as effective as a specialized ‘divorce’ lawyer.

Is your lawyer personable and compatible with other professionals?

As a divorce attorney, your lawyer will be required to deal with other professionals and witnesses. Their ability to get along well with witnesses and professionals, as well as to convey their message, is paramount to building a successful case.

Does your lawyer have experience?

An experienced divorce lawyer is your best bet; however, if your lawyer is fresh out of school, be sure they have an experienced mentor to assist with the case.

Is your lawyer a skilled negotiator?

Oftentimes, divorces can be settled outside of court with a skilled negotiator. The ability to mediate and negotiate a settlement can save both parties a great amount of time and money, as well as stress.

Is your lawyer sound in their abilities?

A lawyer who is confident in their abilities, yet keen enough to foresee and overcome obstacles is a great asset.

Is your lawyer candid with you?

Having a lawyer that speaks truthfully with you will become your new best friend. You need to understand the pros and cons of your case, as well as the expected costs and length of your divorce.

Remember, hiring the right divorce attorney will be the determining factor in how your divorce is settled. Just like anything else, divorce lawyers come in all shapes and sizes – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Do your homework and you’ll be a-OK. For questions contact a divorce lawyers.

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