Tummy Tuck Recovery

Tummy Tuck Recovery

Getting back to normal after a tummy tuck operation is a fairly lengthy process and can take weeks or even months before you begin feeling like your old self again. While many doctors make it a point to minimize the invasive level of the procedure, you can still expect some level of discomfort. As your body heals and becomes used to its new form, you will slowly regain activity level.

Abdominal Pain and Swelling

In the days following your tummy tuck surgery, more often than not, you will probably notice that your abdomen is quite swollen and you will feel some pain in the area. In addition, a large dressing will be applied to the abdomen and is usually required for a five to six day period following your tummy tuck procedure. After those five to six days, your dressing will be removed, as well as the sutures which surround the umbilicus (belly button). It is generally at this point that you may begin to shower. A post-procedure girdle is often prescribed and you will begin wearing it at this point in your recovery.

Being In-Shape Makes a Difference

The recovery process for patients who are in above-average physical condition and who have strong abdominal muscles is usually much faster than patients’ whose physical condition is average or below average. In fact, some patients that are ‘in shape’ return to work within two weeks following their abdominoplasty, while others may take longer to recuperate.

Slow and Steady Exercise

Exercise is the best medicine to a fast recovery. Of course, strenuous exercise is prohibited during the first three months following your tummy tuck, as your abdominal muscles and surrounding tissue will need this time to heal and adjust. With that said, patients of every size and age are advised to begin a regular exercise program, as this will decrease the chances of forming blood clots, reduce inflammation and swelling, and tone the recovering muscles. After the three month period of limited exercise, more vigorous routines can be attempted. However, speaking with your physician regarding an appropriate exercise routine is highly recommended.

Tummy Tuck Scars

For nine to twelve months following your tummy tuck procedure, you may notice swelling above your incision. This is normal and will gradually disappear over time. Your operational scars are quite visible at first and will appear to worsen around the 3-6 month mark; however, this will also lessen with time and the scar will slowly begin to fade and flatten.

Now that you know what to expect during a tummy tuck recovery process, realistic expectations are often met with excellent results which are long lasting. For more information on the procedure contact a plastic surgeon.

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